Wholesale and export

For many years we are wholesale distributors and export to many countries not only in Europe, but also in USA, Mexico, Arab Emirates, etc.

The main types of nuts, we offer wholesale and for export are:

-Bulgarian pumpkin  seeds type "Lady Nail"

-Bulgarian walnut kernels with different factions of the kernel and Bulgarian walnut in-shell.

-Bulgarian sunflower hulled kernels and  sunflower seeds

-Coated peanuts- three basic tastes (bacon and cheese, onion and cream; and exotic wasabi), but we can produce different tastes depending of the customers' needs and request.

In wholesale and export, we provide full support and assistance to our clients, including organizing the transportation all around the world.

We issue all necessary certificates, including fumigation certificate, phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin of goods, EUR.1, etc..

We offer competitive prices and we are a loyal business partner.

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Phone number:

+359 2 490 490 4

+359 2 490 490 9

email: info@aya.bg

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