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Wholesale and export of pumpkin seeds type lady nails, walnut kernels, sunflower seeds, coated peanuts, and more


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Our company “VKUSNA YADKA” ADwas founded in 2011. Withthemain activity: roastingand packing of nuts and seeds in consumer’spackages. We havetwo modern factories located in v.Lozen, 1151 Sofia, which meets all modern requirements in the food industry. The company providesquality and competitive products to market.


The company works due toall standards for quality management, food safety and environmental protection - ISO 9001: 2008, 22000: 2005 and 14001: 2004.  The company effectively develop through sustainable investments, create new jobpossitionsand is constantly looking for high-technologies. It is fully operational with the desire for intelligent and progressive economic growth. “Vkusna yadka”AD was awarded with the prestigious “Investor of the Year”for 2013.


Our first factory is located in v. Lozen. It is on 1800sq m. and there are three production halls with storages and again a temperate storage. The average capacity is about 300 000 kg. nuts, seeds ,  and dried fruits.  There is a line for production of coated peanuts and paprika flavored peanuts- the products we are among the leaders on the Bulgarian market.


Our second, and last constructed factory,has a capacity of annual production around 2500 tons. It is situated on 1009 square meters of which 500 square metersbuilt-up areawith total area of1500 sq m area  on three levels. On the first floor there are located warehouse for incoming raw materials and the produced goods – the warehouses are temperated. On the second floor there are aproduction hall- with roasters and packing machines, storage facilities, offices and administrative part. In the -1 floorthere are auxiliary storage, workshop, laundry room.



At present  theproduct range includes:raw and roasted nuts and seeds, packed in consumer packegesof 0.060 1 kg. In order to protect their intellectual property "Vkusna yadka" ΑD has patented its own trademark "AYA" and the new premium brand "Tasty nuts", which is positioned in the high-price sector. Both of them are packed in safe atmosphere with nitrogen inside, which guarantees a longer storage period.

Behind the name TASTY NUTS stays a luxurious selection nuts for connoisseurs! Whether you love classic flavors: almond, cashew and hazelnut or prefer gourmet nuts such as macadamia and Brazil nuts- this brand will satisfy your taste.

The secret of the  package:

- There is a zipper on the open part of the package. It allows reclosing of the package during consumption.

- The nuts are protected by taking moisture, odors and physical and other additions even it was once open and saved for later consumption.

-  The package allows easy and convenient transfer of its contents and eating in portions.

- There is an aluminum layer in the package -for better storage conditions and better protection of the product as taste performance and design.




The founder of the company is in the business with seeds and nuts for more than 18 years. The main activity during all these years has been wholesale trading with nuts and seeds and export aboard. We have our own storing facility in the region of Silistra, Bulgaria, including 6-siloses facility, warehouse with storages, a laboratory and cleaning machines.

In wholesale and export, we provide full support and assistance to our clients, including organizing the transportation all around the world. We issue all necessary certificates (depend on the customer needs) including fumigation certificate, phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin of goods, EUR.1, etc.


Our top sellers are: sunflower seeds (black 3.2mm;3.5mm;3.8mm); sunflower seeds striped XL; pumpkin sees “Lady nails”. We are working closely with the farmers, being able to look closely with farmers from the very beginning of the soiling , during the crop development and the harvesting.

The next product we can be very competitive and give exclusive prices are Bulgarian walnuts! We have a big share of the market with walnuts in shell and walnut kernels. We have certificate for BIO ORGANIC walnuts as well.

Last but not least is the production of coated peanuts and roasted peanuts with different flavors. At the moment our coated peanuts come in three tastes (“Bacon and Cheese”, “Onion and Cream”; and “Wasabi”), but we can produce different tastes depending of the customers' needs and request. The roasted peanuts arePaprika flavored, they are roast with peanut butter and special technology and they are not fried! The process is healthier and the final result is much tastier than the fried and oily versions. These delicious nuts are a hit on many markets and are preferable from the customers as a tasty and affordable product. Being a manufacture and a leader in Bulgaria gives us the opportunity to provide you very competitive prices. We have all necessary certificates and we produced them guaranteed with certificates of quality ISO 9001:2008, 22000:2005 и14001:2004.





We have all of the essential prerequisites for producing PRIVATE LABELS.  Here are some of them:

·         Being one of the leaders in wholesale trading with seeds and nuts make it possible to offer very competitive prices of the raw materials, especially on the top sellers: sunflower seeds, walnut kernels, pumpkin seeds, coated peanuts.

·         We are flexible in producing packages with different weight, size, with zipper, with nitrogen, etc.

·         We have modern factories and we are working under all European regulations.

·         Our capacity of production is 100 tones/per month.

·         We guarantee the high quality of the products and regular deliveries.

·         We offer assistance, even in design and the choice of foil for your private label.

·         We provide full support to our clients, including organizing the transportation all around the world.



Phone number:

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